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My last class was SUMMER 2011

Here's a link to: Vermont DMV Driver Training Schools 
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Parallel Park Hill Start Cornering Timing Turn Around Clutch Reference Points
Behind-the-Wheel Procedures, Tips, and Techniques

Click on the dashboard above to go to any of the practice procedures for the following:

Hill Start
    Procedures for an automatic and a standard transmission
            .... as asked to perform on the Vermont Driver's Road Test

"Vermont" (corner) Turn-Around with photographs
    Pull past the intersection and back around the corner
            .... as asked to perform on the Vermont Driver's Road Test

Reference Points with photographs
    Tire Path
    Front Bumper Alignment - for stopping AT the stop line!
    Rear Bumper Alignment - for backing and stopping BEFORE the curb!

The Physics of Cornering - Sir Isaac Newton Always Wins!
    Keep the vehicle in BALANCE when cornering.

Lane Changing (to be added)
    Do you know where your blind spot REALLY is?

Perpendicular Parking  (to be added)
    backing-in is safer - because you pull out forward INTO traffic

Parallel Parking with photographs
    A beginning method as easy as 1-2-3

Timing Exercises (to be added)
    12 Second Search
    Timing Approaching Vehicle - When will it pass you?
    Point of Intersection - of oncoming vehicle
            allows driver to judge how to separate a (potential) hazard
    Following Distance - Give yourself 4 seconds of safety margin.

Interstate Driving (to be added) - tips and techniques
    Getting On
    Driving On the Interstate and Lane Changing
    Getting Off

If there are any techniques you would like to see added, CLICK HERE to let me know.

Driver Education of Vermont
Jericho, VT 05465