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Stopping and Starting on a Hill Requires Practice
for the Vermont Road Test

Objective: This lesson is to teach a new driver to start a vehicle up a hill without rolling backward. The method and procedures will be the ones used in the Vermont Road Test.

Directions: (Automatic Transmission) Use only a very slight incline at first.
1: Signal right and pull to side of road (12" or less and parallel with the curb).
2: Set the emergency (parking..., hand...) brake
        Make the brake "click" when setting
3: Shift to neutral
4: Remove right foot from brake (Steps 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 are required during the Vermont Road Test to prove the parking brake alone can hold the vehicle - a 'normal' hill start would be 2, 7, 8, and 9)
5: Shift back to drive
6: Check rearview mirror, if no vehicles are approaching activate a left turn signal.
7: Move foot to gas, hold car "down" with a whisper of gas
      You will feel the back of the car being held down
8: Release the emergency (parking.., hand..) brake
9: Quickly check your mirror and make a blind spot check
10: Pull away from curb into lane of travel - cancel turn signal

Make certain that the mirror checks and head-checks are real looks and not just head and eye movements. The adult should double check all traffic, but not too early as to alert the new driver to "check" first! . Be strict on any rolling - allow no roll-back after 3 tries !

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